About Our T-Shirts

Our T-Shirt journey begins with the Icon Tee. Made with a Classic Fit and Crew Design, it will feel like slipping into your all-time favorite tee - That one that's worn out and a bit dingy but you just can't part with it - We get it. That's why we designed a simple, classic tee to introduce you to our collection.
We made sure to address one challenge we all face when we fall in love with a white t-shirt: Will it be see-through? The Icon T-Shirt is mid-weight so it is just substantial enough to ensure coverage and durability. This tee will be around for a while.


What makes the Classic Slub Tee stand out from the rest of our styles is the fabric, which gives it not only a unique feel, but also a unique look. Slub fabric is created by slight knots, lumps or thick spots in the threads. These thicker and thinner spots are visible, giving the tee a sort of subtle pattern. We especially love this intentional creation of imperfection because we feel it is a complement to Rae's aesthetic and ideals for the brand. 


The Oversized Drop Sleeve T-Shirt is a combination of our Icon T-Shirt and the Boxy Pocket T-Shirt. It has the straight hem of the Icon T-Shirt and the drop sleeve of the Boxy Pocket T-Shirt. The Oversized Drop Sleeve T-Shirt features adorable rolled cuffs for a slightly sporty, yet polished look. The rolled cuff is a beautiful and simple detail that isn't on any other styles. This design has a wider neckline for exposed collarbone and a longer hem that hits around the hips. It's the perfect choice for cozy weekend movie nights or a Sunday brunch with friends and family. This shirt style is made from soft French Terry fabric.



The Boxy Pocket T-Shirt is made with a Slightly Cropped and Relaxed Fit for a super cozy and casual design. The drop sleeve in combination with the cropped hem and wider fit gives this T-Shirt an over-sized look without the extra bulk. A unique detail of this shirt is the front pocket with small graphic for a more subtle Rae Dunn message, so you can whisper to the world that you're a Cat Mom. The Boxy Pocket T-Shirt is made from an ultra soft mid-weight Cotton and Poly Jersey fabric.